eight years in the making

This is a little post to help encourage you to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! I love that people hire me as their photographer to capture memories that otherwise might fade. I love it even MORE when they order prints and products to display in their home and enjoy on a daily basis. This special little wall has only taken eight years to complete, but that meant I got to see my sweet friend Emma every single spring! And the best thing is this type of grouping doesn’t even require much creative thought! You just add a few canvases every year and viola! Easy peasy. So… take a look at this cute little masterpiece of art and then enjoy the photos from Emma’s 8 year session in June because she ROCKED it! It was a far cry from those 2 and 3-year session where we could barely get her to change clothes or fix her hair! homedecoratorsfargo decoratingwithphotos bestfargophotographers photosasartfargo fargointeriordesign kidsphotographerfargo fargokidsphotographer kidsphotographersfargond locationphotographerfargo ndchildrensphotographer photographersinnd photographersinmn coolphotographersinfargond fargophotographer photographersinfargo fargophotographers mnchildrensphotography modernphotographersinfargo modernchildrensphotographersfargo bestfargomoorheadphotographers

HEIDI SMITH says: What size are those prints? Love the wall!! 2017-07-28 15:35:26

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