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I am always SO honored when families invite me into their most sacred life events.  On a gorgeous Sunday evening I got a call from Stefanie that she was pretty sure her babies were coming, almost six weeks early. Sure enough, they were on their way and I rushed up to Essentia not sure if I would make it in time for their birth. (Fun fact… Stefanie is an OB/GYN surgeon up at Essential so all of her colleagues were there helping with her delivery!) After the nurses helped me get dressed in the necessary surgical attire and showed me to the OR I had about 30 seconds before teeny tiny baby A took her first breath. Oh my goodness… my first time photographing a C-section or even being IN an OR before. It was all very overwhelming and emotional and this steel-hearted photographer may have even shed a tear or two. Just minutes after we heard her glorious first cries we got to meet baby B, her little brother. There was a rush of activity making sure both babies were stable and then the moment came where mama got to hold those babies close and whisper how much she loved them and how long she had been waiting for them. What a miracle. Thank you again to this beautiful new family for trusting me to capture these unforgettable moments. Can’t wait to see these little babes again on Tuesday for their newborn session!fargobirthphotographer birthphotographerfargo hospitalbirthphotosfargond csectionbirthphotos birthphotographersinfargo fargohospitalphotographers mnbirthphotographer twincsectionbirth newbornbirthphotographermn ndbirthphotography nicubirthnd nicuphotographynd

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