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I just loved what Ranelle envisioned for her family session late last summer… tall pines, warm and glowy evening light, a long flowy dress; a quintessential¬†Minnesota¬†evening in the north woods. What neither us envisioned however was the mosquito massacre of 2016. And I’m talking not just a few mosquitos swarming around to swat away. It was an actual blood bath. The fact that we got even ONE usable photo is kind of a miracle. But look… just LOOK at these images! Some of my favorite ever. Even if we did have to risk the health of her children to get them. :)fargofamilyphotographer familyphotographerfargond fargophotographers fargokidsphotographer familyphotographermn fargokidsphotographers ndfamilyphotographer kidsphotographerfargo mnfamilyphotographer

Baby photograper says: Nice photos! I love your website :) 2017-02-06 13:52:50

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