I have found that the people I admire most in life are the ones who are out there using their God-given gifts to make a difference. The latest issue of On The Minds Of Moms features an individual who is doing exactly this. Than Baardson of Unseen is dedicated to fighting injustices happening to children around the world, giving a voice to groups and organizations targeting anti-trafficking, cyclical poverty and orphan care. Did you know that when you go to a third world country and see starving street children begging for handouts, there is usually an adult trafficker waiting in the wings for the children to deliver their bounty? “There is no grey area when it comes to kids that need to be rescued.”

Than said, “I just want to go and do something with significance.”  I think so many of us feel the same way, but how many of us are out on the front lines actually changing the world? I love that Than and his team have been able to partner with groups in these countries who are actually rescuing orphaned children, providing care for them, and making a lasting impact. I was honored to have the chance to photograph Than, his wife Emma and their little guy Ronan to go along with their story in the mag. Please pick up a copy of the June/July issue of OTMOM to read more about Than, his family and his mission. downtownfargophotos familyphotographerfargo fargofamilyphotographer unseenministries thanbaardsonfargond maternityphotographerfargo unseenfargo


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